Monday, January 16, 2006

XPath and XSLT, or 'How I spent my day off.'

So I've been spending some time learning how to use XSLT and XPath as a way to translate infomation from simple XML into the XML syntax of OWL. It's suprisingly easy and very powerful. Plus, a big bonus is that the XSL Translation is taken care of client-side. (All you need is Firefox, IE 6, etc)

In the past I've used JSTL and JSP to take data in OWL format and show it to the user... big pain in the ass. The reason it is a pain is because you have to read your xml data into a model that has an API (Jena/Sesame/etc) that you can then hook into while writing your JSP/JSTL. Plus, JSP/JSTL pages are rendered server side.

XSLT is designed to make translating XML easy. HTML is XML. There are XML syntaxes for OWL and RDF. Natural fit.

Hmm... so I don't feel like writing my own tutorial so I will redirect you to a few tutorials on XPath and XSLT... and heck, why not some OWL happiness too.


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