Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mt Biking RULES!!!

narrator: A little flashback humor.

Anyhow, went to Avalon for the first time this year. Man, I wish I lived up in Columbia. ::sigh:: Avalon rocks. So much more technical than the other trails I ride. I crashed today. For the first time in maybe two years. Yes, its been that long. I've come close a few times... lost a pedal, or ran into a tree, but never fell off the bike of flipped. but today it happened. And it happened in classic slow-motion. Was riding down into a stream, and had to make it down a steep 3 ft embankment. Thought I was going to be fine, tossed the front wheel into the little rut that led down the bank, and then tried hopping the rear wheel around to follow... only... the unthinkable happened. The rear wheel went the wrong way. My weight shifted the wrong way (cause I suck and havent been mt biking enough lately) and I basically flipped down a 3 ft rocky/gravelly bank. No blood though, unfortunately. Whats the point in crashing and denting up the bike if there's no blood. But yeah... I jumped up pretty quick and got back on the bike. Its nice to be back to the good ole days of wrecking myself when I mt bike. Thats what makes it so fun :P


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